Regional Links

The Agricultural Stewardship Association Conserving Farmland in New York’s Washington and Rensselaer Counties

The Agricultural Stewardship Association is a community-supported land trust dedicated to protecting our local farmland from encroaching development.  Working together with interested landowners and active supporters, our goal is to protect 20,000 acres by the end of 2015 and to ensure a future for agriculture in our counties.

The Hoosic River Watershed Association Devoted to the Restoration, Conservation, and Enjoyment of the Hoosic

The Hoosic River Watershed Association is the citizens’ group that looks after the river. We are dedicated to the restoration, conservation and enjoyment of the Hoosic River and its watershed, through education, research, and advocacy. We envision a watershed that is ecologically sound and adds to the quality of life of its residents.

Vermont Digger is a non-profit, state-wide news resource for information about local issues in Vermont, with a dedicated section on Energy and the Environment.

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