Environmental Studies Colloquium/ Visual Arts Lecture Series: Fall 2011

This term, the Environmental Studies Colloquium is also the Visual Arts Lecture Series.  The speakers are all individuals who are engaged in both the environmental and art worlds either as activists, artists or commentators on art and aesthetics of natural and human-constructed environments.

All lectures will be held in Tishman Lecture Hall, on Tuesday evenings beginning at 7:30, unless otherwise specified.

September 13: Amy Lipton

See Amy’s talk here!

September 13- October 15: Rico Gatson ‘History Lessons’ Exhibition, VAPA Usdan Gallery

September 20: James Howard Kunstler

September 27: David Nyzio

October 8: Rico Gatson, Usdan Gallery Talk, 1:00 pm VAPA Usdan Gallery

October 18: Deborah Gans

See Deborah’s presentation here!

November 1- December 2: Drama Archive Show, opening 7:00 – 8:30 pm

November 8: Elizabeth Demaray

See Elizabeth’s presentation here!

November 15: Herb Tam

See Herb’s presentation here!

November 30: Print Exhibition, Vermont Arts Exchange, North Bennington 7-8:30 pm


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