Bennington Sustainable Food Project

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The Bennington Sustainable Food Project is an initiative started by Bennington College students in order to address the fact that eating is a political act. Our food choices not only affect our physical health, but affect the vitality of our communities, economies, and environments on a local national and global level. We believe that we have both the opportunity and responsibility to make these choices from an educated position.

We work with students, faculty, staff, administrators, Bennington College alumni and members of the greater Bennington community in order to educate ourselves, and to promote and initiate projects that will work to strengthen the connection between the College and the food system of which we are a part. (Mission statement from the Bennington Sustainable Food Project Facebook page).  A major project started in 2010 by the Bennington Sustainable Food Project was the implementation of a student garden supported by the college and run by two student interns over the summer.  For more information see the Bennington Garden Blog.

Photos taken from the Food Project Facebook Page

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