Bennington’s ‘Faculty Program Group on the Environment’ works together to develop curriculum, advise interested students, and to bring pertinent speakers, groups, and activities to campus.  We include faculty members, both permanent and visiting, from a wide range of disciplines:

David Bond ( CAPA Associate):

Nick Brooke (music composition):

Andrew Cencini (computer science):

Ronald Cohen (social psychology):

Janet Foley (chemistry): 

Valerie Imbruce (environmental studies, agroecology)

Robin Kemkes (economics, public policy):

Kathryn Montovan (mathematics):

Miroslava Prazak (anthropology — sabbatical 2013-14):

Robert Ransick (digital art):

Sue Rees (animation, set design):

Eileen Scully (history):

Donald Sherefkin (architecture):

Elizabeth Sherman (biology):

Susan Sgorbati (CAPA; mediation and conflict resolution):

Tim Schroeder (earth science):

Paul Voice (philosophy, ethics):

Kerry Woods (ecology and evolutionary biology):

Mark Wunderlich (poetry, literature):

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