Student Perspectives

Field Work Term 2013:

Erika Lygren ’16 – MEarth – California, U.S.
For FWT, I worked at an environmental non profit, MEarth, that works very closely with educating the middle schoolers of its community about environmental ethics. I actually was able to teach one class of 6th graders about the effects of single-use plastics on the environment (and our oceans, in particular), which I probably would not have had the knowledge to do if I hadn’t already researched the subject extensively for my Global Problems, Local Solutions class last term.

Alaina Gercak ’15 – Democracy for America – Vermont, U.S.
Even though I went into FWT looking for greater political experience at this progressive political action committee, I found myself happily working on multiple projects that tied in my other academic focus and passion: the environment. It was truly the best of both worlds, as I was given the opportunity to design and implement anti-fracking (or hydraulic fracturing) campaigns for Pennsylvania and Maryland, as well as promote the Forward on Climate Rally (the largest climate rally in U.S history) that occurred in D.C. this past February. Connecting these important issues regarding energy and the future of our natural environment to the public, and helping engage them in taking action through online petitions, emails, rallies, and call-in days truly emphasized the importance of a citizen’s role in shaping environmental policy.

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