Stop 12- The Millpond

The millpond marks the end of the Blue Trail.  The dam that forms the pond was probably built in the early nineteenth century to power a small industry across the river.  A map drawn of the Bennington region in 1835 shows that the dam existed in then, indicating that the dam was built before then.  Although currently unused, a resurgence of hydroelectric power as a renewable energy source in Vermont may lead to the refurbishment of many dams similar to this one.

The wooden steps to your right lead up to a gravel road. If you would like to link up to the rest of Short Aldrich Trail system, take the gravel road down to Water Street, and then turn right on Water Street and go up to North Bennington.  At the intersection in North Bennington, turn left on West Street, which becomes McCullough Road.  McCullough Road leads to the Mile-Around-Woods Trail, which form the other part of the Short Aldrich Trail system.

To go back to the Bennington College campus, walk right down the gravel road until you see the driveway to the yellow house.  The trail back to campus starts at the north end of their driveway.  This trail eventually links back to the Blue Trail at the bench.  To exit the trail, look for the opening in the woods on your right, which comes out below the soccer fields.

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