Stop 9—VAPA

The Visual and Performing Arts Center (VAPA) was built over a five-year period in the early 1970s, and is one of the largest wood-frame buildings of its era as well as the largest in Vermont. Like the Dickinson Science Building and Tishman Lecture Hall, VAPA was designed by Robertson Ward, whose architectural style exemplified the idea of buildings that are set into the landscape and blend with earlier historic buildings without dominating the view or sense of place. All three buildings are examples of the International Style of architecture with a uniquely New England use of wood for framing and siding. That classic New England appearance, however, is more international than it might seem. Ward shipped in the cedar exterior siding and Douglas fir post and beam structural elements from the Pacific Northwest through the Panama Canal. As you make your way back to the Barn, make note of the wood decks, balconies, recessed porches, broad open stairs, landscaped lawns, and brick walkways that make VAPA a world unto its own on the Bennington campus.

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