The 2011 LocalVore Tour a Success!

Many Bennington students are interested in agriculture, and interested in the social, economic, and environmental benefits of local food and agriculture in particular. Last week, a van full of adventurous freshmen got a jump on college orientation by getting right down in the dirt and touring several area local farms, farmer’s markets, and food cooperatives.

Polymeadows Farm: Goat Dairy and Creamery

Shaftsbury, Vermont

Jennifer Lawrence leads a tour of Polymeadows Farm–a goat dairy and creamery.

King of the Hill (for now).

Jeremiah has a fan club…

Ready to exit the milking parlor…

Jennifer shares her knowledge about raising goats and making delicious, delicious cheese.

Bennington College Student Organic Garden

Bennington, Vermont

Which way to the Bennington Student Garden? That way!

Garden Intern Bryan Markhart chats with trip participants.

Planting some beets for the Harvest Dinner at the dining hall.

Beautiful sunflower in the student garden…

Lake Paran

North Bennington, Vermont

Relaxing for the afternoon at Lake Paran in North Bennington.

I’m sure there is an explanation for this…

Lake Paran swimming trip…

Lilac Ridge Farm

Brattleboro, Vermont

Greeting the calves at Lilac Ridge Farm in Brattleboro.

Farmer Ross Thurber leading a tour of the Lilac Ridge milking parlor.

Learning about pasture management practices with Ross at Lilac Ridge.

Windham Foundation Retreat Farm

Brattleboro, Vermont

Krista says hello to the Scottish Highlander cow at the Windham Foundation’s Retreat Farm in Brattleboro.

Back scratches for the pigs at the Retreat Farm.

They’ve been turned into true Vermonters already!

Brattleboro Food Co-op and Picnic Dinner

Brattleboro, Vermont

Hannah REALLY likes her raspberries…prepping for a picnic dinner by the Connecticut River in Brattleboro.

Picnic Dinner!

Mystic Meadows Alpaca Farm

West Brattleboro, Vermont

Those are some hungry alpacas…at Mystic Meadows Alpacas.

Feeding one of the baby “crias.”

The youngest cria (baby alpaca) at 5 days old…

Learning about alpaca husbandry from Mystic Meadow’s co-owner Marlene Souligny.

Marlene giving a fiber carding demonstration at Mystic Meadows.

Oohh…soft! The carded alpaca fiber.

A future alpaca farmer?

Clearbrook Farm

Shaftsbury, Vermont

Matthew Patterson leads the final farm tour of the trip at Clearbrook Farm in Shaftsbury (right down the road!).

Fresh and tasty carrots!

Bennington LocalVore Tour 2011!


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