Spring Colloquium 2011

Bennington’s Spring 2011 Environmental Studies Colloquium has begun and is off to a great start! Our theme this term is “Building a Sustainable Future,” and the colloquium will focus on the process of creating a Climate Action Plan for Bennington College. By bringing together experts in topics such as sustainable design, alternative energy options, and transit systems, the colloquium will challenge students and the larger Bennington community to think critically about the systems our society depends on, and how to recreate those systems in the face of global climate change.

On March 7, Carl McDaniel, currently a guest professor at Oberlin College, kicked off the series by addressing the concepts of belief, reality, and action in terms of climate change using a case study of Trail Magic, the climate-positive home he designed and built in Oberlin, Ohio. You can check out the video from his talk here (provided you don’t mind the darkness of the video…the resident videographer-in-training–me–is still learning!).

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