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While Bennington students were away for FWT (a yearlyThat's my mountain! internship experience), I had an adventure of my own: returning to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and a fun overnight visit to the Mount Washington Observatory. For those who don’t know, I worked at the MWO as their outreach education coordinator prior to moving to Bennington. For those unfamiliar with northern New England lore, Mount Washington is the highest peak in the northeast (6,288 ft) and often has some of the worst weather conditions observed anywhere in the world. Up until last year (Australia!), the summit of Mount Washington held the world record for the highest wind speed ever observed–at 231 mph, observed in 1934.

It was great to visit old haunts and good friends, as well as to snuggle Marty, the official summit feline.

Highlights included remarkable views, which are often rare in a  Mount Washington winter, a 70mph (and clear!) sunset, and a direct summit lightning strike during a surprising “thunder snow” event.

In case you're wondering, that's me doing the breast stroke while "swimming" through the 70mph breeze! The peaks of the always-lovely northern Presidential Range are in the background.

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