Environmental Studies at Bennington: who we are and who to talk to

If you’re interested in environmental studies at Bennington, here’s some information that should be useful to you.

The academic side — curriculum development, and oversight of student Plans — is coordinated by a ‘Faculty Program Group’.  The group includes about 15 faculty members from many disciplines (check the ‘courses’ tab here; many of them are offering environmentally themed class for spring 2013).  Kerry Woods is coordinating the group right now.

Kaya Lovestrand is the environmental studies representative to SEPC; be in touch with her with ideas, input, questions for SEPC, for the Faculty Program Group, etc.

There are also, of course, student groups and other initiatives related to environmental issues that aren’t formally related to either the Program Group or SEPC, but we hope we can use this website to connect all of these undertakings and people as well as to provide other useful information.  If you have suggestions for the website, contact Kerry Woods or the student website manager who’ll be listed here very soon.

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