Breadmaking and Co-op Launching – Sunfest 2012

Over this past weekend for Sunfest, the Eco-Reps lent a hand to the Bennington Sustainable Food Project, to bake bread for the opening of the brand-new co-op cart, or “coop.”  The BSFP has been working on starting a student-run co-op for over a year, and this represents a major step towards having an established and visible presence on campus.

The Eco-Reps participated in this exciting event by baking bread, and donating it to the co-op’s efforts, along with butter made by hand at Sunfest.  The Eco-Reps also had a table with tips on how to live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, and about the activities that they engage in here on campus.

The event was fun, and hopefully informative.  Congratulations to the BSFP on their new cart, which will be having its first formal day this Saturday, at 2:00 in front of the library.  Come and support their efforts by buying a cookie or drink.  All proceeds will go to the BSFP to support the co-op and student farm.

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