Keystone XL protest takes DC by storm!

Over the weekend, over 10,000 people came together in Washington DC to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline: a 1,700 mile proposed pipeline designated to bring oil from tar sands in Alberta to oil refineries on the Gulf Coast.  The goal of the protest was to surround the White House and send a message of public opposition to President Obama exactly a year before the election.  Surrounding the White House is something that protesters have not succeeded since the 1960’s.  Despite skepticism as to whether or not such as feat would be successful, the line around the White House was several protesters deep in most places.

Twelve Bennington students endured the twenty hour trek on a bus with the members of in order to participate in this protest.  Among other things, signs created by Bennington students read “CAPA Against Keystone XL,” highlighting the connection between Bennington’s idea of public action and the way we as citizens invoke our democratic right to protest.

A fun time was had by all, despite the fact that we didn’t make it back until 4 o’clock on Monday morning! Thanks to everyone who went, and especially to Casey for organizing.

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